On behalf of the NPA-SW Board of Directors I would like to announce that our Healthfest 2014 held in Irving, Texas last weekend was a huge success.  A sincere THANK YOU goes to our meal and President’s Reception sponsors, speakers and speaker sponsors, and vendors who made our Tabletop show a great buying experience. The number of retailer attendees was double over last year and twenty five vendor spots were added.  What this tells us is that regional shows such as this are needed and appreciated.  A regional show is very conducive to one-on-one communication between retailers and vendors. The educational seminars provide product information and marketing tools to make our stores a better and more competitive place to shop while maximizing our bottom line.

The atmosphere of renewing friendships and making new ones with like-minded people in our industry can be beneficial and enjoyable.  Plans have already begun for Healthfest 2015.  Watch for our “SAVE THE DATE” announcements very soon.

“Your” NPA-SW is viable and thriving.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Love, peace, and happiness,

Angie O’Pry Blades

Monroe, LA


Meal sponsors:

      EUROPHARMA (Saturday breakfast)

      KEHE DISTRIBUTORS (Saturday lunch)

      BLUEBONNET NUTRITION (Sunday breakfast)

      NATURE’S BEST (President’s Reception)

Speaker sponsors:


      Essential Formulas

      Newton Homeopathics

      Genesis Today

      KeHe Distributors

      Michael’s Naturopathic Programs

      Bluebonnet Nutrition