Hello NPA Southwest!

I hope this finds each one of you doing well and helping others to be well!

Probably I do not have to introduce myself to you, because most of us have known each other for many years.  If you are new to this awesome industry, I really want to get to know you.  My name is Carrol Wells and my business is Honey Bee Natural Foods, located in BrownwoodTexas.

From day one of opening my store in 1990, I understood that you MUST be involved to be successful, and that is exactly still what I believe today.  I opened my store in the month of December and attended my first trade show in February.  In all of this time, I believe I’ve missed one Regional Trade Show.  I absolutely love our Southwest Region, and believe I speak for all us when I say, we may be small, but we are strong and committed to our beliefs.

Two of my goals, as our leader, are to grow the Membership and grow HealthFest.  We can do this very easily if everyone will ask your neighbors, even if you consider them your competition, to join.  If we all can be on the same level of integrity, it would be super for “Our Industry”!  Not only Retailers, but encourage the Vendors that you buy from.  We need them to join us too.  It is like networking….sharing the knowledge, increases the wealth.

Would you consider this, please?

Growing our membership insures that we have the funds to continue the education that we all so desperately need in order to keep our customers informed. It also allows us to employ 1 person part time.

In closing, I would like to share with you the PURPOSE, MISSION STATEMENT and VISION STATEMENT of NPA-Southwest.

PURPOSE: To protect and educat.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Passionately promote and protect the integrity, marketing and growth of the natural products industry through education, communication, member services and regulatory involvement.

VISION STATEMENT:  NPA Southwest strives to improve the quality of life in the Communities we serve.

As your NPA-SW President, I will also be representing each member at the National NPA.  Please know that I welcome any of your question or comments whether it is Local or National.       

It is indeed my pleasure to serve you,

Carrol Wells

President, NPA-SW